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darker_spike's Journal

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A community to explore the darker side of Spike (from Buffy and Angel)
Welcome to Darker Spike

This is a community to explore the darker side of Spike, the things that you are not sure that you want to put up in your own journal just in case someone you know pops in.

We accept both fiction and artwork, slash and het, any rating, any ships just so long as you can somehow relate it to Spike (and the better the piece is the further we will be willing to stretch), if you aren't sure check with one of the moderators and we will let you know if it is acceptable.

Here be the rules, please read them

Here are the rules. We reserve the right to add, edit and amend these as necessary.

Grievance Policy | YouTube video policy


  • All posts are automatically 'friends only,' so don't change them when you post. DS is set up to handle this for you.

  • All posts should pertain to and be about Spike and/or BtVS or AtS unless prior approval given by a moderator.

  • This is a Spike centric community, therefore posts should pertain to Spike. There is an open posting day on the 1st of every month for posts regarding the rest of the Buffyverse.

  • If you wish to advertise it must be related to the buffyverse and it is preferable for you to have asked a mod before posting.

  • Please label fics with the Pairing(s)

  • If you are posting a fic longer than a drabble please put it under a cut. The code is: <lj-cut>your entry here</lj-cut> This will show link saying 'read more' for people to click to see your entry OR <lj-cut text="cut text here">your entry here</lj-cut> allows you to use your own cut text instead of 'read more'.

  • If you are posting artwork larger than an icon or more than 3 icons please put it under a cut, excepting a small story or art teaser. Typically, we like these to done with the following coding: <a href="URL of image"><img src="URL of image" width="200"></a> This coding can be used for a teaser image for your fic or art. However, no nudity above the cut, please, no exceptions. Any art you include should be marked as worksafe or not worksafe for the benefit of members. Please be aware members will be viewing the community or their friends list in different situations and following these rules helps prevent them from the possibility of an embarrassing situation.

  • No hotlinking pictures, manips, icons, or any graphics to sites other than your own.

  • NO reposting of fandom creative work without permission from the creator. This includes, fan fiction, artwork, icons, graphics, and fan videos. Fan videos that are on YouTube or other video hosting websites can only be posted with the video creator's permission.

  • Please tag your posts with the predefined community tags. How to do this is explained HERE.

  • NO kiddie porn - we do object!

  • We reserve the right to add/amend the rules as necessary.

If you wish to put ratings, warnings, summaries on your post then please feel free to do so, but we are not going to insist (at the moment. We reserve the right to change our minds though)


  • Give feedback if you enjoy something (even just "read & enjoyed" for a fic or "nice" for a piece of art - the creator will be delighted)

  • NO plagiarism - If you spot something here that you think is suspect, please report it to one of the mods and when we have checked it we will report it to stop_plagiarism. If any member is found to have plagiarised they will be banned.

  • NO reposting of fandom creative work without permission from the creator. This includes, fan fiction, artwork, icons, graphics, and fan videos. Fan videos that are on You Tube or other video hosting websites can only be posted with the video creator's permission.

  • Be nice to each other.

  • Have fun.



  • The challenges run Friday to Friday

  • Deadline is always Thursday midnight

  • The current theme can be found by checking the daily recs post and will also be displayed in the sidebar.

  • Post your entries in a new post labeled and tagged as a challenge entry.

  • NO reposting of fandom created artwork without permission from the creator.

  • Have fun!

Contributors to the community past and present

The current moderators are not on LJ much anymore and the community is in need of new mods who have some time to spend on the community.
If you are interested please private message mentalme85. Thanks.

Moderators: mentalme85, spikes_cj & sevendeadlyfun

Send affiliate requests or questions to:

Challenges set by:

Challenge Award Banners and judging by:

Membership administrator:


Regular Recers are:
Tuesdays: velvetwhip

Previously on DS:
darker_spike created by jans_intentions

Memories were done by the wonderful frimfram, altyronsmaker & thatotherperv

Membership administration: spikes_cj

Art Challenges and/or Award Banners by dasugraphics, spikes_cj, mentalme85 and sevendeadlyfun and a few guest makers

Past co-mods jans_intentions, so_sharlemaine and japewierd, mentalme85, spikes_cj & sevendeadlyfun

Past reccers: indigodiaries, cafedemonde, fenderlove, strickens_girl

They helped shape this community so we continue to acknowledge and thank them for their hard work.

Wish to join?

This is a moderated community for adults (that's 18 and over). When you apply for membership checks will be made!

All members must have their full date of birth in their user info. If you applied for membership and it was rejected, it is most likely because your full date of birth was not visible in your user profile. If you have a new journal or an old journal with no entries then please comment here.
This is in accordance with LiveJournal's Adult community FAQ HERE


'BtVS' and 'Angel' belong to Joss Whedon. Darker_spike, the mods and any content relating to the shows is used only for entertainment and has not been authorised by Mutant Enemy, Joss or any of their affiliates.

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